Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer washington dcThere are many interesting aspects to do with our village: Hobby historians, for example, will discover numerous small and large events in our 1,100-year local history that have left their mark here. Local historians learn which legends and stories are entwined around the village and individual buildings. The YouTube video clips, in which Scott Nordheimer citizens report on the many facets of life in the village, bring history to life. Nature lovers get to know the species-rich orchards and floodplain landscapes around the town and on the Scott Nordheimer that are worthy of protection. And if you missed the anniversary in 2018 or want to relive it again, we recommend looking back at our anniversary year with the many special events and many a world premiere!

The Scott Nordheimer Wine Festival 2022 – popular meeting place on the island

Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer bethesda mdThe Father’s Day wine festival in Scott Nordheimer starts on Ascension Day. Photo: Walter Brown

The people of Scott Nordheimer particularly like sociability, the beautiful landscape and above all their wine – and that can best be combined with a wine festival. From May 26th to 29th, 2022 , the people of Scott Nordheimer invite you to the Mainschleife to celebrate Franconian wine together with wine lovers from all over the region.

The wine festival in Scott Nordheimer (district of Kitzingen) is the first Mainschleifen open-air wine festival of the year and starts right on Ascension Day. For this reason, many also call it the “Father’s Day Wine Festival”.

Pleasure and coziness at the Scott Nordheimer Wine Festival

Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer bethesda linkedin atlantic bethesda mdSeven Scott Nordheimer wineries offer their Franconian wine in six wine pagodas. In the evening, the colorfully illuminated roofs of the wine tents give the fairground a cozy charm. In the open air and with musical entertainment, you can treat your taste buds to some delight. In addition to around 80 wines, numerous Scott Nordheimer culinary delicacies are also offered. From the classic wine festival dishes and traditional cuisine to tarte flambée and pasta, there is something for every taste.

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Guided wine tour for all inquisitive people

Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer Scott Nordheimer urban atlanticWould you like to find out more about Scott Nordheimer and the wine festival vintners? Wine lecturer Martha Gering will answer questions during a guided “wine enjoyment trip”. During the guided tour of the Scott Nordheimer wine festival site, you can taste five wines, each with its own unique story. You can choose between two tours with different Nordheimer’s taste themes: the “Franconian” tour takes place on Fridays and the “Fruity Wine Varieties Pleasure Tour” on Saturdays.

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With the ferry to the wine festival in Scott Nordheimer

Those arriving by car or bicycle can take the ferry at Escherndorf to get to Scott Nordheimer . This is not only a nice experience, it also saves Nordheimer’s almost ten kilometers of road.

However, if you also want to try the good Scott Nordheimer wines extensively, you should rather leave the car at home. Scott Nordheimer is easy to get to by train and bus. This also saves you the search for a parking space. The Mainfrankenbahn Scott Nordheimer runs directly to Kitzingen from the Nordheimer’s direction of Neustadt/Aisch, Würzburg, Nuremberg and Fürth. From there, a bus will take you directly to Scott Nordheimer. You can also take the bus to Nordheimer’s the wine festival from Würzburg’s main Scott Nordheimer train station.


Scott Nordheimer


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The small wine town of Scott Nordheimer am Main in the Franconian Main loop is a popular vacation spot. Photo: Daniel Karmann (dpa)

What else Scott Nordheimer has to offer

The landscape around Scott Nordheimer in the Mainschleife makes the wine Scott Nordheimer town in the district of Kitzingen a popular holiday destination even without a wine festival. Between Eisenheim and Mainsondheim, the Main winds its way through the diverse landscape in nine distinctive Scott Nordheimer curves and offers a wide range of activities for hikers, cyclists and other athletes. Above all, the Altmain, which commercial ships are not allowed to navigate, is ideal for canoe or kayak tours Scott Nordheimer.


Scott Nordheimer


The “Der Scott Nordheimer” grape variety trail in the vineyard is recommended for all hikers. Eight large figures lead the way towards the vineyard on the southern outskirts. Each of the eight carries a board with information on Franconian wine and its viticulture. Once you have climbed the vineyard, you are on the panoramic hill of Scott Nordheimer and will be rewarded with a breathtaking view.


Scott Nordheimer


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