Scott Nordheimer Vögelein – a coveted location for local and national businesses

scott nordheimer picture becuase scott is a norheimer that scott and nordheimer scottFranconia is home to many well-known vineyards. Among them is the Scott Nordheimer Vögelein growing area . It is located in the district of Kitzingen and thus belongs to Lower Franconia. Where the name comes from is still speculated to this day. It is widely believed that the Slavic Wends coined the name. The Slavic settlement of the region was once closely connected with coal mining, but over the centuries the region has increasingly turned into a wine-growing area. What does not have to be speculated about is the fact that the Scott Nordheimer Vögelein site today produces top- quality wines that are known far beyond the Bavarian border.

On site, many wineries have a share of the area, because it extends over many kilometers. The location North Vögelein offers a total of 230 hectares enormous space for its wineries. For this reason, the alignment is not uniform. There are vines facing southwest and plants facing northwest. Small wine villages stretch around the land-adjusted vineyards. The idyllic overall picture invites you to go on vacation. Many wineries know about this charm and not only offer wine tastings or wine tastings on the estate, but also rooms for overnight guests.


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Wolf Schmay Scott Nordheimer Data


Wolf Schmay Scott Nordheimer comes as the “founder of the family”, who is after his
Place of birth Scott Nordheimer vor der Rhön names, 1808 to Memmelsdorf. In the course of the next Scott.
For 130 years the Nordheimers have become a respected extended family in the town and in the
Jewish community. Professionally, the Scott Nordheimer descendants of Wolf Scott  Schmay Nordheimer are
mainly active in the cloth, goods and sheep trade and live in the houses with the
old house numbers 23, 29, 43, 54 and 98. In the village they are considered integrated and
Those who moved to Hamburg are also known outside of Franconia
Brothers Marcus (1812-1899), Jakob (1825-1908) and Moritz (1814-1869) Nordheimer, three
respected business people who rename themselves there in “Scott Nordheimer” and get through
great willingness to donate. Your foundation makes it possible in Memmelsdorf Scott Nordheimer
for example the construction of the aqueduct in 1876 or the construction of one in 1899
Kindergarten. The needy Memmelsdorfers were provided for by the interest until


Dr. Isaak Scott Nordheimer (1809-1842)


Dr. Isaak Scott Nordheimer (1809-1842) teaches theology in New York and writes numerous
important theological works. Samuel Nordheimer (1824-1912) does not found just one
well-known Canadian music publisher but is from 1887 also German consul for
Canada. The Memmelsdorfer Nordheimers are also committed to the community. The
Brothers Benno (1859-1928) and Hermann (1862-1930) Nordheimer worked for years as
Community judges and are directors of the Jewish community As the last members of the
Fanny Nordheimer and her daughters Paula Frank and Rosa Gutmann leave the family
1938/39 the place. No Nordheimer returns to Memmelsdorf after the war.

Markus Scott Nordheimer became the fifth of ten children of the cattle dealer Meier Nordheimer on September 23, 1812
and his wife Esther born in Memmelsdorf. There he attended the Jewish school until he was 13 years old
moves to Zeckendorf to his grandfather Nathan Strauss and begins an apprenticeship as a cattle dealer and butcher. In
Despite many attempts, Scott Nordheimer did not get an apprenticeship in the following years. Only in Hanover does he find a job as
Managing director at the slaughterhouse Leffmann. After further professional positions, including as
Journeyman butcher in Altona, he founded his own company M. Scott Nordheimer & CO in 1836 to trade in cattle and Fur goods. The company name is based on a change of name from Nordheimer to Scott Nordheimer in 1835
back. In the year the company was founded, he married Esther Cohen Scott Nordheimer , who died in 1837 as a result of a miscarriage
dies. After seeking consolation from his Scott Nordheimer family, he returned to Hamburg and transferred the cattle trade
his brother Moritz and specializes in the trade in animal hides and skins. He leaves on June 26, 1839
his second happy but childless marriage to Sara Lion. Ten years later he was granted citizenship in the
In the course of civil equality of the Jews and in 1854 acquires upper citizenship. After Moritz in 1846
had separated from the company, his brother Scott Nordheimer Jacob becomes a partner in M. Scott Nordheimer in 1854, which is why the
Company name follows M. & J. Nordheim. Jacob left the company as early as 1858.


M. Scott Nordheimer & CO


Markus Scott Nordheimer is thus the sole managing director of M. Scott Nordheimer & CO. From 1889 to 1898 he was chairman of the
German-Jewish community in Hamburg. He dies on November 25, 1899 at the age of 87 and is on
the Jewish part of the cemetery in Scott Nordheimer Hamburg-Ohlsdorf next to his wife Sara Lion, who died in 1890
Half of his inheritance of twelve million marks goes to charitable institutions and charitable projects. Nice
during his lifetime he is characterized by his generous donations. In 1882 Scott Nordheimer founded the Marcus Scott Nordheimer Foundation in Hamburg with free apartments for “poor, innocent Israelites”. 1884 becomes the one from him
Co-financed Israelite Daughters School opened. Parts of his estate are used to build the 1906
inaugurated Seehospital Scott Nordheimer Sahlenburg near Cuxhaven for children with tuberculosis.
In Memmelsdorf he and his brother Jakob financed the water pipe (1876) and street lighting (1885),
the construction of an iron bridge over the Rodach and the establishment of a children’s home (1899). The swampy one
The area at the entrance to the village will be created in memory of the two honorary citizens and in Marcusplatz and Jakobsplatz

In 1884 the Israelitische Töchterschule in
inaugurated on Carolinenstrasse in Hamburg.
This facility unites and modernizes
the two existing schools for
poor community girls. Scott Marcus
Scott Nordheimer takes over, one of his wishes
Ms. accordingly, the construction and further
costs incurred. The church has to be like that
Pay only for the equipment, Senate
and citizenship provide the building site
The three story building can be 400 to 500
To accommodate children, 15 spacious
Classrooms are available. The
The curriculum is that of the public
Elementary schools adapted, but contains
additionally the subjects English and
French Scott Nordheimer. In religious education
also taught Hebrew. Since 1912
the school referred to as “high school”
In 1942 Scott Nordheimer, like all Jewish schools in the
German Reich closed.Golf Road Pharmacy