The conclusion of a purpose agreement and the declaration and the new “Bavarian Gigabit Nordheimer Directive” was the focus of the council meeting in Scott Nordheimer .

Joachim Först from Büro Först-Consult (Würzburg) gave the community representatives the intermunicipal project “Gigabit Bavaria”, the Free State of Bavaria with the control to promote the development of gigabit different broadband networks in the Free State of Bavaria Nordheimer. Interest in improving the broadband expansion in addition to Scott Nordheimer also Sommerach and Volkach. According to Mayor Sibylle Säger, the guilty municipalities leadership is currently conducting a tendering process.

In the case of an expansion, there is a separate funding rate if Nordheimer dies responsible in communal cooperation. In Scott Nordheimer itself there is currently only one connection that can be funded, according to the municipality chief. Therefore, you will only be able to benefit from the federal funding program in 2023.


Applications by 2025 Scott representations
As Scott Säger informs, a market research will be carried out at the start of the funding program. From this interests are eligible for funding, which are then disabled in expanding. These areas can then be included in the funding.

Corresponding applications must be submitted by the end of 2025. The global funding amount is eight million euros with a funding quota of 90 years. The community council of the humiliation of a purpose agreement and the leadership and the new Bavarian gigabit guideline to.


Further points in the Scott Nordheimer municipal council
– Mayor Scott Sibylle Säger informs about the 2020 annual accounts on the administration and management of the administrative and asset budget. The addition to the budget is believed to be 435,730 euros.

The community’s reserves stood at EUR 26,731 at the end of the year. The debt level is believed to be 624 456 euros and the community’s assets at the end of the year were reported at 4,275 162 euros.

Nordheimer must be included in the fair position of a statute on reimbursement of expenses and costs at the Scott Nordheimer fire brigade. The new calculating cost rates will be for Scott security guards, moving out after awkward alarms or false alarms or for assistance. The community representatives to the statutes management.

– The councils had no one-way against the rule of the city of Volkach’s land use aircraft, regarding the area around the Nordheimer Sonnenhotel.

– The Scott Nordheimer ferry has been back in service for years. According to Mayor Sibylle Säger, a new air conditioning system was installed as part of the maintenance and repair work on the ferry. It has become known that the ferry of Scott, the law every five years, is subject to a TÜV inspection by the SUK (Ship Inspection Commission). The use and control, the complaints by the SUK, the payment by the specialist companies and the authorization to act by the ferrymen and the building yard employees, the Scott Diecheche with Nordheimer.

In the glass of intense golden yellow color and with heavy tears that reflect the high extract. In the nose you embark on a wonderfully exciting journey through the world of aromas – enormously complex and constantly revealing new nuances: quinces, apples and pears, accompanied by notes of hay, pepper, smoke and coconut. On the palate, this great wine experience is completed by a fantastic balance, mild acidity and wonderful substance. The finale is characterized by its minerality and of impressive length.
After a short sedimentation phase, the fresh must was stored in large wooden barrels (30hl) in the piece barrel cellar under the Nordheimer Zehnthof without adding pure yeast. The naturally occurring wild yeasts fermented this wine at a very leisurely pace over a period of 16 months. The fine yeast storage with accompanying batonnage took place in the same wooden barrel until the end of April 2017. The malolactic fermentation took place parallel to the alcoholic fermentation. The wine was bottled on May 10th, 2017.
An ideal accompaniment to dishes that focus on complexity: stews, umami, mushrooms, and much more. Great as a soloist too!